pirajuçara Text

pirajuçara – 2012


Series composed by thirteen photographs
ink jet pigment print on cotton paper
various dimensions

In the seventies, the waters of Pirajuçara stream invaded the São Paulo University library. The images presented here were realized forty years later, before the demolition of the building.
The power of nature, of the Atlantic forest of Brazil, seen here split by the mirror in the waters of pirajuçaramis-en-abyme of the relation nature x culture.


“…listen to me then with your whole body
my theme is the instant?
my theme of life?
I try to be aware of it
I divide myself a thousand times,
as many times as the moments elapse
fragmentary that I am
and precarious the moments.
on the screen I fix the incorporeal
I just commit to life
that is born with time
and with it grow:
only in time there is room for me.”

são paulo

(verses found on the walls of the bathroom of the Plastic Arts Department of the School of Communications and Arts – ECA, at the University of São Paulo – USP)