void Text

    void – 2013

series composed of 33 images
Fine arts print on cotton paper
Suggested scale: 140 x 210 cm


“…because it’s thicker
the life that fights
each day,
the day that is acquired
each day
(like a bird
that goes each second
conquering his flight).”
(João Cabral de Mello Neto, “The dog without feathers”)

As opposed to an overly visual world, encoded and meaningful, the artist devoted herself to the attempt to produce pure images, detached from its referent, or the closest to this. Images that could provoke, in the observer, new sensations and, above all, trigger the “emptiness”, a moment of suspension.
All the images have been taken
in a single day,
in one place.
Of the hundreds of images produced, 33 were selected
and organized in the series called “void”